February 2018

BT21 Pop-Up Event

BT21 has landed in Vancouver!

In Artbox's efforts to bring accessibility to K-Pop Fans, particularly BTS Army, in Vancouver, the team hosted a special BT21 pop-up at our Aberdeen location.

February 2018

BT21 Pop-Up Event

In February 2018, in Artbox's efforts to provide accessibility to the K-Pop community, we hosted the first ever BT21 Character Pop-Up Shop at our Aberdeen location in Richmond! Bringing in Koya, RJ, Mang, Shooky, Tata, Chimmy, & Cooky, these beloved characters designed specially by the members of BTS met Vancouver Army's for the first time in-store during this day.

Garnering the interest of hundreds of Vancouver Armys, we watched as attendees began lining up before our pop-up's operational hours - all excited to get their hands on the BT21 merchandise that we had brought from Korea.

To this day, the team at Artbox continues to keep this day in their thoughts. Continuously grateful for the support received for this pop-up, the team promised to continue working harder to bring special items from Korea to Vancouver so that all fans have the opportunity to experience their favourite characters.

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