Shampoo Brush Pink

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Shampoo Brush Pink

Introducing the Scalp Clean Shampoo Brush with a soft material that reduces irritation to the scalp!

Scalp Clean Shampoo Brush is used to massage the scalp.

Wash out the corners out of reach, It removes sebum and wastes from the scalp with rich foam!

Soft material helps to clean the scalp in a refreshing and cool way with less irritation on the scalp!

Use the Scalp Clean Shampoo Brush to keep your scalp and hair clean :)

How to use:

1. Put the handle of the brush between your fingers and wrap it with your palm, In the shampoo washing step, lightly touch the scalp and move it side to side.

2. Remove impurities between the pores with the tips of the protrusions, and rinse thoroughly so that no shampoo remains. Use the brush from side to side to prevent tangled hair. Massage along the hairline to make it even more refreshing!