Light Garland 100 Bulbs 10m

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Light Garland 100 Bulbs 10m

Introducing the Twinkle Remote Control Cherry Bulb!

It is a round, 2.5cm hard bulb, and when you turn on the light, the color temperature is a warm bulb color.

The length is 10 long and it is 100 pieces, so it is generous and good.

The brightness of the light can be adjusted in 10 steps, and the flickering speed and repeating shape are various, so you can use it according to what you want.

It also has a timer function so you can turn it off automatically.

The remote control is included, so you can control the above contents with the remote control, which is more convenient.

It's pretty even if you use it by attaching it to a wall space that needs lighting, or surround it with tree decorations at the end of the year.

When camping outdoors, a warm atmosphere is created even when walking on a tent.

An interior effect that makes the space come alive when you decorate it anywhere!

  • Rated input: USB 5V, 1A / Power: 6W(0.06Wx100ea)

  • Number of LEDs: 100

  • Color Temperature: Bulb Color

  • Wire Length: About 10m / Bulb Size: About 2.5cm

  • caution:

    - Do not arbitrarily separate, cut, repair or remodel the product.

    - Be careful not to let children or pets touch it.

    - Be careful not to twist or bend the light wire excessively.

    - Keep away from inflammable materials and fire as they may be deformed or damaged by heat.

    - Excessive humidity or exposure to rain or snow for a long time may cause product failure.

  • Remote Control Cherry Bulb Instruction Manual

    1. Connect the USB power port to a 5V, 1A or lower charger and connection port.

    2. You can turn ON/OFF the lighting and change the mode (8 charging modes) with the button on the USB power port.

    3. Detailed settings can be made using the remote control.

    (Using one CR2025 battery / Maximum receiving distance of about 3m)

  • - How to use the remote control

    Power consumption: 1 CR2032 battery / Maximum receiving distance: Approx. 3m

    If you cannot use the remote control, replace the batteries before using it.