Sticky Schedule Board Dog White

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Sticky Schedule Board Dog White

My own weekly schedule board that is easy to use by attaching it anywhere due to its excellent adhesive strength!

Doors, walls, refrigerators, etc. I detached~attached~

An all-purpose item that can be reused by washing with water when the adhesive power is lost!

A pen combined with an eraser is also included, so decorate it beautifully and use it!

  • Material: PET, TPE
  • Dimensions: 250mm (width) x 155mm (length)
  • Product Features:

    It is made of TPE, an eco-friendly material, and is non-toxic and odorless.

    It is convenient to detach and attach the product.

    It's non-sticky and easy to stick to any soft surface, so it's great for home or office use.

    It can be removed and reattached without damaging the adhesive surface.

    If the adhesive strength decreases, wash the adhesive surface with water.

  • How to use:

    If the adhesive strength is lost, wash the back adhesive part with water before use.
  • Precautions: 

    Do not store the product in high temperatures.

    Do not use on painted areas. It may leave marks.

    Adheres well to glass, tile, metal, coated wood, and clean, dry surfaces.

    It is not a school product for children.

    Keep away from fire.