Memory Game Bichon

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Memory Game Bichon

Meet the lovely dog ​​character Barbiechon with 48 picture cards!


If you are with the dog Barbie, your memory will grow!

Have fun with this memory game and develop your concentration and observation skills.

  • Size : Card 60 x 70(mm) / Box 162 x 182 x 25(mm)

  • Composition: 48 cards, 1 game manual

  • Age of use: 8 years old or older

  • How to use : 

    1. Shuffle 48 picture cards and place them face down on the floor.

    2. After setting the game order, when it is your turn, turn over two random cards on the floor to see if they are the same picture.

    3. If the two cards turned over are identical, take those two cards and turn over two other cards to see if they are the same.

    4. If the two cards turned over are not the same card, put them back face down and end your turn. The next person takes a turn.

    5. Find identical picture cards until there are no more cards left on the floor.

    (*It can also be enjoyed as a record game where the person who finds more cards within the same amount of time wins over a time limit.)

  • Precautions for use: 

    - Do not put the product in your mouth or put it in your mouth and suck it.

    - Keep away from fire

    - Be careful not to cut the edges of the product.