Safe Pink Cat

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Safe Pink Cat

Step by step, 1 penny a day! Introducing the Pink Mini Safe.

The neat pink tone mini safe is made of durable metal.

You can put coins, bills, etc. in the slot at the top.

There is a lock with a password

You can safely store your belongings and money.

With a pink mini safe

Get rich with the habit of saving step by step!

  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: Width 13 x Length 13 x Width 10 cm
  • How to use

    1. Check the password attached to the bottom of the safe.

    2. After setting the dial to 0, turn it to the left to set the first password.

    3. In that state, turn one more turn to the left and set the first password one more time.

    4. Turn the dial to the right one turn to enter the second password to open the safe.

    Tip! Please keep the sticker with the password on the bottom of the safe in your own place so that it is not lost!

  • Warning: Not a toy for children. / Beware of damage caused by strong impact
  • Age of use: 14 years old or older