Clip Stopwatch Bear Purple

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Clip Stopwatch Bear Purple

Introducing a clip stopwatch that fits in one hand and can be used easily!

Study, cook, exercise, use it anytime!

It's a simple ivory color and the right size, so it's easy to carry in a pencil case, bag, or pouch.

There is also a holder on the back, so you can use it as a stand on your desk, and depending on the occasion, you can use it as a clip!

Operates on 1 mercury battery.

Use it with various functions according to your needs.

Check your precious time with the clip stopwatch anytime, anywhere!

  • Material: ABS
  • Battery safety confirmation report confirmation number: B053R5101-21002 / Type: LR44 Nominal voltage: 1.5V / Polarity: Product marked separately
  • caution

    (1) Be sure to insert (+) and (-) correctly as there is a risk of leakage or rupture.

    (2) Do not charge, disassemble, short circuit, or heat

    (3) Do not mix and use with other batteries.

  • Keep away from fire