Push Pop Key Ring Octopus

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Push Pop Key Ring Octopus

A popular social media healing item that relieves stress! Introducing the infinite bubble wrap keyring octopus. Infinite bubble wrap in the shape of a cute octopus. It is made of soft and safe silicone material and comes with one sturdy carabiner. You can use it as a cute key ring. Also, it can be easily washed with water. It can be used cleanly. Tock tock! pop pop! addictive touch Relieve stress with the infinite bubble wrap key ring!

Material: Silicone

Size : Approx. 110*130*40mm

Age of use: 8 years old or older

Precautions for use 1. Do not use for any other purpose. 2. Do not put it in your mouth or put it in your mouth to suck. 3. Do not place near fire. 4. Be careful of direct sunlight or high temperature. 5. Be careful as the carabiner may injure your hands.