Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small
Wood Clock Small

Wood Clock Small

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Wood Clock Small

We will introduce the wood clock which is perfect as an interior accessory.

The white light shines softly on the brown wood Tell me the time.

You can connect and use the included USB It is easy to use as it is operated by batteries.

Create a nice interior space with a wooden clock!

Size: 6X6X6cm


Date and time setting
1. In normal mode, if you press the set button on the back for 3 seconds, a "beep" sound and the hour number flashes to enter the time setting mode.
2. The time setting sequence is year>month>day>hour/minute>12H/24H display format selection> alarm setting (maximum 3).
3. After adjusting using the [up] and [down] buttons, press the [set] button to complete the setting in sequence.

Display mode setting
This is a function to set how the time, calendar, and temperature are automatically displayed on the screen.
(In normal mode, you can select and set by pressing the [set] button.)
-dp-1: Display showing date (2 seconds) and temperature (2 seconds) after 10 seconds of time display

Alarm setting
1. If you press the [set] button after setting all the time, "on:A1" appears on the screen and the first time it enters the alarm setting mode.
2. You can turn the alarm off and on by pressing the [up] and [down] buttons. When "on:A1" is displayed, the alarm is turned on, and when "--:A1" is displayed, the alarm is turned off.
3. Press the [set] button while displaying "on-A1" to start setting the time of the first alarm.
4. Likewise, use the [up], [down] and buttons to set the alarm time and press the [set] button to complete.
5. When the first alarm is completed, "on:A2" is displayed immediately and the second alarm setting starts immediately.
6. Like the first alarm setting, up to the third alarm can be set.

Setting the temperature display format
1. Automatically measure and display the surrounding area temperature.
2. In normal mode, pressing the [up] button displays "c" in Celsius, and pressing the [up] button again displays "f" in Fahrenheit.

Reset settings
All settings are initialized by pressing the "reset" part with a sharp object.

-dp-1: display with time only

Brightness adjustment
In normal mode, if you press the [up] button for more than 3 seconds, the brightness is displayed as "lo".
After adjusting [up], [down], brightness from "lo" to "l3", press the [set] button to maintain the brightness.

led light automatic sd mode setting
1. If you use sd mode, the led light turns on when the product is running, and then the led light turns off automatically after 10 seconds.
(You can turn on the led light automatically by responding with a sound of applause in sd mode or by touching the clock. sd mode is designed for strategic savings and those who can't sleep well at night when the surroundings are bright.)
2. If you press the [down] button in normal mode, "oN:Sd" is displayed and sd mode starts. If you press the [down] button again, "--:sd" is displayed and then it runs in normal mode.

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